Who are we?

Central-H doo was created in 1997. It is one of the most important distributors of copper pipes, as well as of copper, brass and bronze fittings in Serbia. We also distribute the entire range of heating, air conditioning, cooling, water supply and sanitation equipment. Besides the domestic market, we are also present on the markets of Montenegro, Republika Srpska and Macedonia.


We continuously track global developments in the field of heating, choosing carefully products that expand the range of our offer. Our large stock of products demonstrates how fast our business evolves.

We are trying to achieve competitive advantage by two main levers: by as low prices as posible and by high quality service. Customer satisfaction is the first goal on our goal list.

Why choose us?

The leading principle of our business is solid and lasting cooperation, based on mutual trust and respect. By ensuring the interaction of employees and management we create new values and confirm our reputation.

Our efforts are focused on development and on the creation of such a relationship, in which Central-H can be recognized as a reliable and long-term partner.

Who are our partners?

Our partners are some of the largest international and domestic manufacturers in the field of heating, cooling, plumbing and sanitation. Our cooperation with all stakeholders is based on fairness, mutual trust and confidence, all in order to meet the customers’ needs.

If you wish to make sure that our partners really are some of the most renowned and domestic manufacturers, just click here.

Central-H in retail market

Starting from 2014, Central-H is developing its business in retail market for heating, cooling and sanitation products. As a place for our first retail shop we chose Zajecar. Our second retail shop is located in territory of Belgrade.

We are opening retail shops to achieve goal of satisfying final customer, but besides that, we are steel giving full attention to our existing retail/wholesale clients’needs.